The Best Ways To Save On Your Next Family Vacation

There are many ways to save on your next family vacation. Well there are a lot of budget friendly ways to save, we want to take you a little bit further and help you save on your next trip. Below are just some of the most awesome ways that you can put to use for you when it comes to planning a family vacation for less than the retail price.


Timing Is Everything

When it comes to travel and your family in mind you should definitely time it just right. You should always avoid flying on the first day after school lets out, the first three Thursdays in July, and anytime around a major holiday - because all of these times can cost you double and often quadruple what the flight should actually cost. for instance, it can cost less to fly to Orlando or Las Vegas in July and August because of the heat. These are great months to get discounted flights.


Watch Out For Baggage Fees

When it comes to find 4 Less, you may think you're getting a really good deal. But many airlines will charge you around $25 for your first carry on bag, and $50 for your first checked bag. These budget Airlines can also charge for personal items that include purses and laptop bags. There is one airline that lets you check two bags for free. Southwest  Offers you loads of discount and economical flights, for even less than the average retail price, because you can check 2 bags for free. If you click the link above will also be taken to a page where you can score some deeper discounts with free coupon codes and discount codes on Southwest.


Resort Fees Are Also Costly

Resort fees are another thing that can honestly really ruin your vacation. You might think that you are getting a room for an average of $109 a night, but in hindsight if you don't look at the price breakdown you will actually encourage a resort fee on the total cost of the room. This means that your room could have a percentage fee tacked on in cities like Orlando, Daytona, and even Las Vegas. The percentage can sometimes be as high as 20%. You can skip the resort fees all together when you stay in an Airbnb or an extended stay hotel.


You should always hunt for discounts like the one above with Southwest. they can really help you save money on theme park tickets, as well as restaurants, and even more. You should also consider grocery shopping as part of your vacation. While restaurants can be awesome for things like dinner you can save big when you buy items like sandwich bread, lunch meats, peanut butter and jelly, as well as breakfast bars, donuts, and pastries. You can pick up things like fresh fruit and yogurt on the cheap and have an even more healthy breakfast and lunch for you and your children then you would in a restaurant. With all of these great ways to save you will definitely spend less on your family vacation from now on.