Baby Shower Favors

Edible to Memorable Keepsakes

Baby shower favors are not an obligation but a thoughtful touch to any shower. If you’re planning your first baby shower then you have probably learned that there are a thousand little details to consider. Each of these small details will work together to make the shower memorable and special.

One such detail is the baby shower favors. These favors are a small item that is given to each guest as a small token of appreciation for joining in the festivities. What better way to end a joyous occasion than a thank you gift for being there.

There are certainly a lot of baby shower favor ideas to choose from. They can be edible, practical or keepsake gifts. Depending on your budget party favors can be store bought or homemade. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have adorable favors. DIY baby shower favors can be just as fabulous and made unique to your shower.

Double Duty Shower Favors

Creative baby shower favors are another way to tie into any theme that you have chosen as well as to provide each guest with a fun little take away gift. Well selected or handmade favors can contribute to the decorative accents for your shower room. They can be wrapped or embellished to match your shower theme.
You can display your shower favors in baskets or on tiered trays. This will help set a lovely focal point and add a festive atmosphere with other baby shower decorations.

Making Favors vs. Buying Favors

When it comes to buying favors, there is one major advantage: convenience. You will be able to buy a ready-to-give favor that will not require any work on your part. This would be especially important if you were running out of time, and you had waited until the last minute to start thinking about the shower favors.
Advantages of making favors:

• Cost: Homemade favors are almost always going to cost less than those you purchase.
• Personalization: With homemade favors you have the option of personalizing them to suit your theme and to include the baby’s name. Some baby shower favors that you can purchase have the option for personalization, but you’ll have to pay extra.
• Creativity: There are only so many types of favors offered for sale at your local party supply store. While the selection online is better, it still can’t match the options that you’ll have if you choose to make your own favors.
• Customized for your guests, as they may all enjoy the same activities or work in the same field.

Baby Shower Keepsake Favors

Ceramic Knick Knacks
If you would rather give a keepsake favor, consider a blue or pink crystal pacifiers, teddy bears and baby bottles. These would be adorable paper weights or look nice on a knick knack shelf.

Picture Frames
Small picture frames for guests to add their own favorite baby photos. You can choose plain wooden frames and add your own touch to the mix. If having beach theme baby shower, you might want to add some seashells and small pebbles around the entire frame. Other ideas are buttons, plastic baby pins or flowers. Preferable you would want to accessorize with small items that will reflect your theme.

You can buy inexpensive items, such as bracelets, necklaces, brooches or consider making your own beaded jewelry in colors that represent your shower theme.

Practical Shower Favors

Among the practical shower favors are candles which can be bought in different scents, shapes and sizes. Other useable items are cookie cutters, egg timers, key chains and address books, to name a few. With cookie cutters you can even attach a tasty cookie recipe for your guests to try. Egg timers can be placed in small boxes and adorned with all sorts of decorations to represent your shower decor.

Edible Shower Favors

There are many choices for selection when it comes to the sweet tooth. With an array of candy filled jars to to assorted bonbons in a box. Lollipops shaped like baby feet, rattles and baby bottles. Cookies of baby carriages and teddy bears. Cinnamon buns to to dipped marshmallow treats on a stick.

General Tips about Baby Shower Favors


  • Consider the age group of your guests when choosing shower favors. Select items that are appropriate for everyone attending.
  • Planning ahead is important, especially if you plan to make the favors. Remember many of the best homemade favors (excluding some of the homemade food items) can be made weeks before the shower date. Do as much as you can as far in advance as possible.
  • When it comes to baked goods, those can be done a couple of days ahead of time and then kept cool until it is time to package them.
  • Look at homemade favors others have made and then tweak them to make them unique and special. You can add a tag or card with a special poem or saying and personalize each one with the guest’s name.
  • If you are buying a large amount of edible sweets for favors, try purchasing at bulk retailers.
  • It is also a good idea to have extra favors on hand for those unexpected guests who may have decided to come at the last minute.

The favors are a fun part of any shower. All the above ideas are great for baby boy shower favors and baby girls. With some planning ahead and a bit of creativity, you’ll be able to give each guest a lovely item and thoughtful gift to take away.

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